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"When someone entrusts you with the biggest problem in their life, you take that pretty damn seriously," says Howe. "There are a lot of facets to practicing law, all of which are very rewarding, but to have the ability to help make a big difference in someone’s life—it’s pretty good stuff."
"We’ve not only maintained the form of a small firm, we’ve maintained the substance of what my father’s small firm did, which is delivering highly personalized, individualized service," Howe says. "We return phone calls, know our clients on a personal basis, remember birthdays. We have a strong sense that we work for the client, that they are the employer and we are the employee."
"I love having an opponent," he adds. "[Litigation] is a battle, and the cases I’m involved in have really good lawyers on the other side. You’ve got to stay on top of your game every day just to stay even."
"My clients don’t want a fair shake. They want to win."
"We don't have files that sit. Our job is to initiate the next move, to always be moving the case forward. We're making every single effort to win from the beginning."
- Gedney M. Howe III
"Unlike many larger firms, the Law Offices of Gedney M. Howe, III is able to give each client intensive individual attention from the attorneys handling their case. Our small size allows us to quickly adapt to the ever-changing legal environment and effectively meet client needs."
"No lawyer is Gedney's equal in simplifying a complex case, synthesizing the facts and law into a story and electrifying a courtroom. He's in a league of his own."
- Trenholm Walker (Pratt-Thomas Walker)
"We work to earn our clients' trust. So that when we reach the conclusion of the case, they're more than satisfied with the results."
- Gedney M. Howe, III
"My daddy loved being a lawyer. He was having such a good time doing it that it created this gravitational pull for me," Howe says. "People were always coming up and thanking him for helping them, giving him such positive reinforcement that it seemed to me to be a pretty good way to spend your day. I could see that my daddy had a life well-spent, and that was what really drew me and my brothers and sister toward practicing law."
"I was so fortunate that I got to work with my daddy for seven years. It gave me a jump-start; I got to do big cases right away. Not because of me, but because of him,"
"Gedney is always at the office before anyone else, and stays later than everyone."
- Dawes Cook
"If Gedney’s got something important to discuss, he picks up the phone or pays a visit. He never takes anything for granted, and always puts in that extra effort."
- Dawes Cook
(re: Coast Guard Case) Even when facing a new or unusual area of the law "We had this great learning curve to catch up with them. We caught up because we worked harder than they did, and we won it because we should have won it, because we were right."
"The Morning Dew case demonstrates Gedney’s diligence and creativity," says Cooke. "Most lawyers would have looked at that case and thought it was impossible to win, that it would be seen as simply an unfortunate boating accident. But Gedney persisted until he developed a convincing theory of recovery, ultimately persuading the district judge that the Coast Guard was negligent."
"As I get older, I get harder cases. And you know why they’re harder?" he asks, pausing for effect. "Because they’re harder! They’re more complex."
"The only thing you can predict is that it’s unpredictable."
"In my legal world, I deal with hurt people whose injuries dramatically impact them and their families," he said. "We learn what happened and how we can make a recovery."