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Auto Accidents

Car Accidents in Charleston South Carolina

Auto accidents can be devastating to the victims—the physical injuries can be extremely severe, long-term, painful, and affect the life of the injured far into the future.

The medical expenses are often astronomical. Most people do not have anywhere near enough money to pay for the ambulance, hospital bills, prescription drugs, doctor visits, medical supplies, and rehabilitation that an injury can incur. During the period of physical healing, the victim may not be able to work.

Auto accidents can be emotionally traumatic, as well. Victims may find it difficult to be in a car or to drive. Often, depression, anxiety, and an inability to participate in intimate relationships plague victims. These mental effects are valid in their own right and further compound the ability to heal physically.

Property damage can also be expensive. A totaled car is pricey to replace, and goods inside the vehicle may have a value to the victim.

When these effects of an auto accident occur, the law in South Carolina considers these damages that a victim can recover from the negligent party at fault for the car accident.

Damages in South Carolina

The Law Offices of Gedney M. Howe, III, helps clients recover the damage from auto accidents in Charleston. South Carolina law allows victims to recover a variety of damages:

  • Past, current and future estimated medical expenses
  • Any permanent disfigurement or disability
  • Time lost from work, including time spent at the doctor or therapy
  • A change in your future earning ability due to the injury
  • Any property that was damaged, such as your vehicle
  • Emotional distress, like anxiety, depression, and interference with family
  • The cost of hiring someone to do household chores while you heal 
  • Any other costs that were a direct result of your injury

Car accident victims should contact the law firm immediately to learn how to make a claim for damages in South Carolina.

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