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United States Maritime Law

The Law Offices of Gedney M. Howe, III, represents clients who require assistance with admiralty or maritime law in South Carolina.

The firm's long history in the Charleston area includes experience in both state and federal courts so that the attorneys can represent the interests of clients in all matters related to admiralty:

  • Shipping and cargo transport
  • Cargo damage claims
  • Maritime employment
  • Personal injury to passengers
  • Contract or merit salvage
  • Maritime liens

How Maritime Laws Differ from Civil Laws

The conventions that govern maritime law make it a distinct body of law from other areas for which clients may need an attorney.

Rules that govern the relationship between states and federal jurisdiction impact how attorneys pursue matters of admiralty. For the most part, federal courts govern maritime issues, but in some instances, a state court may need to apply rules that normally it would not consider or that may conflict with state law. Knowing how to foresee and navigate these issues of applicable law require astute legal help.

Unlike many other areas of law, maritime law does not provide a right to a trial by jury. Occasionally, personal injuries to seamen are granted a jury trial, but, in many maritime actions, the party bringing the action does not benefit from a jury and has a narrower opportunity to make a case.

If you have a cause of action in admiralty or maritime law, please call the law firm as soon as possible to arrange a consultation.

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